They definitely have something planned for us. We must stay together. FREEDOM........

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F them. God makes me a free man, f them.

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This is challenging and thought provoking. I discovered you on Jason Whitlock’s Blaze show and have watched your development through time. If I am understanding you correctly you have made a decision to seek a Senate seat now after an introduction to the process in 2022 with the run against Omar?

I agree with the basic tenets you put forth regarding lockdowns. I agree that certain groundwork needs to be laid before they could be installed on a long term basis. Even at that certain areas would resist. That would happen irregardless of political affiliation. I lean right but I have a number of friends who lean left who won’t do lockdowns again. I personally believe the next trigger is going to be climate change.

The one thing that I disagree with you vehemently on is Trump. Although as you say his initial read was they were not “a good thing”, he went through with them even castigating the governors who went against him. Re Kemp and DeSantis came under sharp scrutiny from Trump. He had a chance to change paths when he brought in Scott Atlas but turned the last year of his presidency over to Fauci, Birx, and Jared Kushner. He got rolled by everybody. He is damaged goods now. DeSantis actually instituted the Trump plan in Florida while Trump tweeted. Trump gave his enemies the money to institute their vote from home schemes and seems surprised that it didn’t turn out well. You say you’re ready to lead the movement and I don’t doubt you. Don’t do Trump! I could go on but the point has been made.

Again I appreciate your voice and look forward to supporting your progress.

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This was profound, well thought out and challenging. Thank you for your bravery and leadership. May we take to heart what you have said.

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This is insanely sane. Three points to ponder:

1. This sounds much like Dr. Robert Malone’s 5 th generation warfare premise.

2. Makes valid this little gem, “My conspiracy theories of the last 3 1/2 years turned out to be spoiler alerts”.

3. If God doesn’t do something now He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

One more very chilling note is the judge in NYC finding Donald Trump guilty of fraud WITHOUT a trial. Clearly these people do not care about the Constitution nor can they even pretend to know the intentions of our founding fathers, of course that is predicated on the fact that they care.

I’m glad I’m old. I don’t want a life of oppression. I’ve been flat broke in my life and would willingly go through that again rather than depending on UBI. “Give me liberty et al......”

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A brilliant piece. You have my vote. It has always been a small minority that have fought for freedom. It does seem like the average Joe is truly satisfied with Bread and Circuses. I don't think we can expect much from the majority of people. It will be the few who will fight.

I try to remind myself that the Revolutionary war lasted 7 or 8 years. And they were hard, hard years, the type that perhaps none of us today can truly appreciate. So, we fight. We remember.

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Anyone here old enough to remember

Fool me once….shame on you

Fool me twice……

Elites/Globalists are self elected. They have no say on how We live our lives.

Our government has forgotten who is in charge and who works for who.

It’s time to Stand up and remind them.

Time for Pink Slips is coming.

Where We Go One We Go All

Isn’t just a catch phrase

We have to stand together and work to make United States of America a great nation again

For the People, By the People

Help make it Proud and Strong Again

Never forget all the harm and evil that has been done so hopefully generations from now will not let this happen again.

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It’s worse than you think, and not as bad. Only 14th amendment US CITIZENS can vote and only they are subservient to the US GOVERNMENT. State citizens, or United States nationals are sovereign and are the creators and controllers of the US GOVERNMENT.

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--' ' BSD ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSm8wy16ohw - please discuss this with Alex Jones @ www.infowars.com/show ' Thanks.

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extremely thoughtful and provocative rhetoric. You ask many relevant and urgent questions that our legislative representatives should be currently addressing. However, the “wack-a-mole” frenzy of feverish issues that constantly crop up through the orchestrated propaganda government instigated media distract these people and the public from what is really taking place.

Hence, only a small group of dedicated, sharp and patriotically focused few are sounding the alarm . Many are aware, but more are not.

Against all odds the original patriots set their sites on a system of governing that seemed radically out of reach. Yet, there was an element of spiritual enlightenment and empowerment that sustained them, that propelled them forward toward achieving the seemingly unattainable. This guiding spiritual force is indestructible. Against all odds it will prevail because it’s success is predicated on the good of many not the achievement of spoils for the seemingly privileged.

Most crucial in this establishment of righteous governing is in who it glorifies? I believe this is why it is so difficult to not only achieve, but more importantly to maintain. History proves that only one man-made government truly achieved it in the past and this God Creator focused system did not last long. Israel’s history is most regrettable. America, the New Jerusalem was a city on a hill for a good period of time, but really it appears now to be a “flash in the pan” as time marches on. Will we as a nation have the spiritual strength to put on God’ armor and to fight the good fight and then having done all to stand?

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I admire you Royce. Keep doing God's work.

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Preach it Royce my Brother! NEVER AGAIN! Never Again will we submit to Gov's phony lock-downs, Never!

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- ' BSD ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSm8wy16ohw - please discuss this with Alex Jones @ www.infowars.com/show ' Thanks.

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The entire world caved to their fear mongering and propaganda...why wouldn't they try for another Planet Lockdown. That being said, his writing is engaging and informed. He had me at "nothing spoke to that more than Donald Trump going after the Bush Republican establishment". Bingo. We're playing for the same team. Well done!

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Great article! A lot to contemplate!

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Re. history rewritten daily: One of the blessings of recent lies being so blatant is that many have been inspired to search out where *else* we've been lied-to. The list is long & not restricted to either party; this rewriting-on-the-fly phenomenon is old. E.g., check out a tome like Philip F. Nelson's 2013 book, "LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination," and it becomes clear that evil men (and women) have been polishing this to a high art for generations.... and getting away with it in plain sight.

Re. your post title, "Planet Lockdown," you and/or your other readers might appreciate Shinedown's inspired social-commentary 'take' on crazy-time via their most recent album, "Planet Zero".

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